Genuine Dial Labels

These are very rare to find in usable condition. I have a collection of of over one hundred for sale. Each one is genuine and from the period and so please check the condition of each one before you buy. They are never perfect and some much better than others. I have photographed each one so that you can make your own mind up and so I don't have to give a condition report. It takes long enough to simply photograph crop re size and up load. I have priced them all the same at £5 each. Obviously the information is personal to you and so a poor condition one from where you were born may be better than a good condition one from else where. 

Genuine dial lables for sale

 I am sorry but the postage is a minimum of £4.5 signed for on this site and so to get better value you may want to buy a few or add them when ordering other items. The water mark and Sample is added to stop copies being made and will not be on the dial label when bought.

blunsdon 334

chatburn 427

dean 6221

douglas 2630

erdington 4693

failsworth 4544

freckleton 471

ilkeston 4619

pollok 4192

muir of ord 305

fairlands 5273

rawdon 2685

ringwood 473178

glengormley 2705

stepping hill 7792


swanley 3741


warrington 31584

widmore 1812

wombwell 2219

burley 3184

crescent 8398

derby 23543

failsworth 2642

huddersfield 31402

kipling 4222