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One brown braided handset cord = £20

one brown braided two way candlestick bell receiver cord = £12

P&P to Australia £4.50 Small Packet Post

Red, White & Blue GPO 746 Queens diamond Jubilee

I have made up a colour combination to celebrate the queens Diamond jubilee year. Limited stock available.

Plus £26 P&P Small Packet Post at your risk no insurance and proof of postage supplied. &103 + £12 = £115 Total to pay on check out. PayPay Plus 2% = £117.3

"Bell On Bell Off" Button can be added for an additional £10

Wooden telephone as used on railway systems with bell receiver..

This is lovely wooden telephone dating from the the 30s-50s.

This has a separate mouth and bell receiver.

Reserved Mickey

GPO 221L wall telephone

A lovely example a hard to find telephone plus three rectangular wall labels at £5 each.

Reserved Lawrence


Ivory 12 button 700Series

This was the last of the 700 series to be made. Tone dial model and so will work on any network.

Sold Order number : 11427

"Bell On Bell Off" Button can be added for an additional £10