Red GPO 162CB 1934 with red Bakelite dial and 162 connection block

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This a very rare telephone and a big gab in many top collections.

This is a very rare telephone. The red 162 was introduced in this year and was soon replaced by the 1/232 model. Very few of these survive with the Bakelite dial intact. In fact many top collectors may not even know they existed. This is one of only two I have had in the last ten years. The last was badly damaged and rebuilt and can be seen in my other listings. This one has some damage but thankfully the dial is as good as you will find. The rear right prong has about an eighth of an inch from the tip knocked off. The body has a crack under the dial and some stress to the right side, the handset has a stress crack on the mouth piece side and the mouthpiece has some stress cracking. A few very minor nibbles but nothing that wont polish out to perfection.The 162 block marked C38/238 M and looks perfect other than some over painting.The colour and match is wonderful. I will be taking this for resin repair and should look fabulous when finished. 

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