GPO 150 with rare daffodil earpiece and early No10 dial with small label holder

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This is a great example of a GPO 150 candlestick telephone dated 1925, still with its original daffodil mouthpiece and fitted with a pulse to tone unit. This telephone will work on any telephone network.



This one was a labour of love and wanted to keep the original rare parts with as little restoration as possible. A lot of time was spent on this one and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did restoring it. Please see the youtube video  below of it in use.

This telephone is a wonderful example of a GPO No150 and dated 1925. This was bought still in its early format with its early GPO No10 enamel faced dial with solid copper finger wheel and smaller dial label holder. The dial needed some internal parts replaced from a dial of similar age and I have fitted the original daffodil mouthpiece with an electronic microphone and also fitted a pulse to tone unit inside to allow it to be used on any modern network. The metal body of the telephone was too far gone not to re paint and so this is what I have done and lacquered afterwards. It is not perfect but very good. As you can see it looks fabulous and has been totally stripped down and and rebuilt after each part has been restored to the best it can be but keeping the original patina. The black plated brass parts are not perfect but as you can see all original and in good condition. Not re plating these items saves a lot of money and so can be sold at a cheaper price. I have fitted very a perfect original two way cord to earpiece salvaged from a boxed un-issued 300 series telephone. I have fitted a very best quality braided cord to connect the bell set to the telephone and a D shaped plastic line in cord made by me with a UK telephone plug socket. This allows you to use the ring from your existing telephones or simply plug a bell into a double socket. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge.

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