Ivory GECoPHONE 1937

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One of the best I have ever had.



This model is very rare to find and in this condition near impossible. This one was so good I kept the original paint on the dial with only a couple of use chips. Note the original gold paint on the dial including the label clip. The dial label is also original which shows how well this telephone was looked after. This telephone has been been totally stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. These early telephones usually stain and crack but this one is magnificent. I have changed the microphone for an electronic model but kept the original ear piece. This still sounds clear but will make the voice sound a little basic. I can change this if required but I prefer to keep the original as this is a collectors item. I have changed the feet for perfect GPO specification replicas. I have fitted a very best quality hand plaited all British manufactured braided handset cord and a GPO specification round plastic line in cord with a UK telephone plug socket. This telephone has been set up on a special line simulator and then tested as full working to both dial out and receive on our own BT land line. Yes this works perfectly on the modern system without any modifications from its original 1937 specification. This is a very find in this condition and so one priced as an exceptional telephone. The last two pictures show the only imperfections. One is the line in to the base rear and the front corner which is how it was moulded and in my opinion perfect. This could be removed but I want to keep it as it was made in 1937. The handset is one of the best you will ever find with only light marks following the mould tool lines and a small crack where the cord enters. This is as good as they come and so although the best I have still noted them. See all the pictures. All in all one of the best ivory telephones from this period I have ever had.

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