GPO 150L with Bell Box

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GPO 150L dated 1920


This is a very nice telephone. I have not sent this one away to be re painted, plaited or the woodwork restored. I wanted to keep the costs down and offer a telephone that may appeal to someone that likes them in there original condition. This one has been totally stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. The telephone was made in 1920 as a GPO No2 and then factory modified to a GPO No150. As you can see it it a lovely telephone a with only slight signs of use. I have replaced the two braid ear piece cord and fitted an electronic microphone. The dial is a wonderful GPO No 10 with a perfect enamel face alpha numeric model. The bell set front door has warped a little and has lost its original finish and so I rubbed just that part down and waxed it. The wood grain of the mahogany has come through beautifully as you can see. The rest of the woodwork was just waxed over leaving the original finish showing through. The bells have retained the original black plaiting and so I simply cleaned and polished them. The bell set was made as a No1 in 1923 and then modified to a No41 in 1956 and so I have used a 1940s GPO coil to bring it back to its original working condition. This coil performs better than the 1920s coil and will work perfectly on the modern system. I have done all the work myself to keep the costs down as far as possible but as you can imagine these telephones take a great deal of time to restore.