Siemens 312 model

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This is a rare Siemens model. Rudeced due to being repaired. Take a look as it is wonderful.


This is a wonderful telephone and has been stripped down cleaned and reassembled. It has been fully tested and is all original internally as well. I have fitted an electronic microphone and 1950s receiver capsule to allow excellent modern use. It retains an original No 10 dial with enamel face.

This telephone has been repaired professionally using no paint. I would not have spent the time and trouble on this telephone unless it was worthy of the extra expense to me. This one is repaired to the left front and two small drilled holes to the front. Only now visible on close inspection and will give you the chance to buy it at a much reduced price. It is fully working to dial out and receive perfectly and has a nice long handset lead in the correct style round black braided. It has a GPO specification line in with a UK plug socket.

  I love these early Siemens models and hope you do too. Once these have gone I don’t think they will be replaced very quickly.

Postage and packing is £20 to any UK address.

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