Ivory Siemens bell set cover and line in block

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These are parts only for a die hard collector will searching for.

I will consider swaps.


These are two very rare parts to find. I acquired them may years ago from the same telephone. The block is marked 1938 and as you can see is undamaged. It has a slight curve on the base but I imagine this was like it from new when the thick solid plastic was cooling. This would only have happened to thermoplastic models like this and not Bakelite. It also has some stress cracks as can be seen.

The bell set is very rare and I have sold a number of green and red in this model but only one Ivory. This one is undamaged or repaired but has some crazing and marbling.  The inside is also marbled and looks like it has some colour left when moulding a black one. See the pictures below and yes they are expensive but very rare. PS I see my pictures dont include the line in hole. No reason I just missed it out and will get one taken when I get some time.

Parts I am keeping but do have.

I do have the handset marked 1938 but I am keeping this along with cradle and T bar, the handset and the repaired body.