Genuine Northerm Electric Pay Phone

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Not something you will see very often.


This is a genuine Northern Electric pay phone and at a guess dated around 1950s. As you can see it has suffered a little with age but generally in very good condition. I have taken some photographs of some bubbling of the chrome plating etc. It has been cleaned and polished and I have fitted it with a new old stock blue handset with the armoured cord protector that I imported from America. I have no keys or locks but once fitted in position it will stay closed etc. I have never seen one for sale here in the UK and it took me two days to clean up and rewire for perfect UK use. It has been fitted with a good double bell mechanism inside and is now fully working to both dial out and receive perfectly. It is ready to simply plug in and go. It has no coin mechanism inside and can simply be used as a normal house telephone. It is very heavy and so will need to be mounted on a good solid wall or sat on a table top and screwed to a wall. I can make a dial label with your information on it.