Original GPO Gold 162 stripped and re-painted.

    Delivery time:5-7 Days
  • Description

A very rare item to find with original paint work and so until you can get your hands on a good example this is the next best thing to fill that gap on the shelf.


I had this professionally re-painted around 5 years ago. It is a genuine GPO old gold 162 but the condition was not good enough to display. This model was offered in old gold for four years from 1931-34. A very rare item but sadly very few survive in good as found condition and so this is the next best thing. It was sold by me five years ago for £600 and then re-sold to a collector friend of mine. He now has very good original with only minor retouching and so asked me to re- sell this one for him. I would suggest it be as a display item only for obvious reasons. As you can see the paint has not been damaged in the five year s and two owners it has had since its restoration.

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