GPO Old Gold 162 Dated 1932

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A very rare item to find.


This is a very GPO telephone made in 1932. Between 1931 and 1934 it was possible to order telephones in old gold, Oxidized silver and mottled brown. This is one of the very few to survive in a condition good enough to display.  I have never seen an oxidized silver model, not even in a museum and so this is a fabulous telephone for collector.  It has suffered some paint loss and the telephone has a broken rear fork and a crack in the body to the front left side but because it is so rare is still a valuable item. Note the Old Gold dial with solid metal finger dial and enamel face.   This is a real piece of history and is being sold from the acquisitions of a top collector. I have a number of his telephones to sell for him and so if you want to contact him direct I will provide his telephone number once you have left me your full details. Viewing is recommended by mutual arrangement.  This is one of the telephones that many top collectors will have a gap on the shelf for. I have a number of almost unique items he is selling.

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