Green GPO 1/232 1935

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This is not perfect and so you must read all the information provided. A very rare item and comes with a rare 20/8 green Bakelite connection block and a GPO crested drawer.


This is an early 200 series telephone made from part Bakelite part Diakon or early acrylic. It would have started life as a 162 but after it went to the refurb factory in Wales was upgraded to the 1/232 model.  The handset, cradle plunger, body and 20/8 connection are made from a thermosetting Bakelite type material and the base and drawer front are made from Diakon. The handset is marked 1935 and the base is marked FWR and 1/232. The general colour is quite good although the handset has some blueing to the ear and mouth piece. I have fitted it with a wonderful condition GPO crested drawer I had listed at £99. The handset and ear cap look to have been cut back to get the original colour back and the colour match on the parts is pretty good. The rear cradle forks must have lost a bit on the end and so have been shortened but and re-modelled and look great. The handset has some cracks as pictured below. The Bakelite block 20/8 is very rare and in perfect external condition in colour as well with only one of the locating lugs inside broken off. This telephone has the upgraded 1/232 internals and is wired up and fully working with an electronic microphone fitted. I have left the early receiver and so it sound a little basic but if preferred I can change for the more modern 1950s one which will give perfect sound quality. I have used two best quality hand plaited braded cords and wired it though the junction box 20/8 to a UK telephone socket fitting. I have included a black bell set 64d with a double socket to allow perfect modern use. The dial is a wonderful enamel faced GPO No10 and I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge. I have had this telephone for around 15 years waiting to get the parts to make it perfect but I have come to the conclusion it’s never going to haven. I just remembered the Diakon drawer strip has been repaired and is very good. I must have done this when I got it all those years ago.  I have been as accurate as I can with this telephone and with these early coloured Bakelite type material telephones they are rarely perfect and would ideally need to be seen in the flesh. Give me a call with any concerns and I will try to talk you through it. I have only ever had one perfect all Bakelite 162 and it was many years ago.

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