Red GPO 332F with drawer.

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This is one to use as an every day telephone without fear of damaging it.


This has been stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. It has been fitted with an electronic microphone and a later 1950s receiver capsule for perfect modern speech quality. Please note that this telephone is now a red pink in colour. The pictures actually show it as a deeper red than it is. The colour is reasonably even  but if you take take the dial out the true colour is quite obvious to see. Also if you turn the handset over you can see the rich cherry Siemens red it once was. This is a 1930s model dating from 1938 marked inside and the handset marked 1936. The drawer base looks to be original but has been painted red many years ago. It has the correct red line protector in the rear which was often black from this period. The dial is a beautiful perfect enamel faced GPO No 12. It retains an original Red handset cord in very good condition. I have fitted new original specification white feet to the base. As you can see it has a few small nibbles here and there and a crack to the front left side as shown. it still looks great and would be wonderful to use as your every day telephone. This is a very rare 300 series and was made from an early Acrylic trade name Diacon. All the parts are original and the handset is undamaged other than the fading. The ear and mouth piece are very good with only slight fading and so would be killer parts if I were to cut them back but I want to keep this one all original. Please look at all the pictures and call me if unsure and I will go through it for you. This telephone in perfect condition would be around £950. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge. As you can see I have not plundered the nice parts on this telephone because I like to keep them as near to original as possible for a telephone of this age.

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