Green GPO 162 (1934) Bakelite telephone

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Green GPO 162 (1934) Bakelite telephone

This is as rare as hens teeth in any condition but this is the best I have seen in my 20 years of collecting and dealing.


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This is a stunning example of a GPO 162 model. The colour is as good as you will ever find and a beautiful apple green. All the parts are good colour match and it has no repairs. It  a magnificent original GPO handset cord in almost perfect condition. The telephone has been stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned and polished. The dial is marked 1934 and I have left the receiver and microphone as I found it in case this is how a collector would like it. The internals have been upgraded to the better 232 model and will allow it to work perfectly if wired to work. It has an original genuine GPO dial label. I have changed the feet as being a rubber compound had degraded  to an unusable state. I can convert to work at no extra charge and fit an electronic microphone at no extra charge but have left it unconverted in case a collector wants it just as is. Please note that although this is wonderful example the handset has some stress cracking but very minimal. I have yet to find one that hasn't from this period. It is caused from the expansion and contraction of the metal inside and the hard brittle Bakelite expanding at different rates etc. I recommend a viewing in person before you buy as it is very expensive and would want you to judge for yourself the condition.

I have restored this telephone for "20th century antiques" so will need to be paid buy cheque, cash or bank transfer made out to them.



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