Genuine GPO 121L 1921

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Genuine GPO 121L 1921

This is a lovely Genuine GPO 121 at a bargain price.


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This is as you can see a genuine GPO 121 manufactured in 1921. This has been restored to a budget to keep the price down for someone that wants to use it as an every day phone. As you can see the metal plated parts have been polished to brass rather than being re plated and the dial is a later GPO model but with the correct stainless steel finger wheel. It has been re wired using a GPO speech coil to give perfect modern use. Although the parts would have been black plated, many customers love the bling of the brass being polished. I wanted to keep the cost down to allow someone that may not be a collector but wants a lovely genuine 1920s telephone to use. Please don't hesitate too long as this one is priced very keenly. Note the lovely wood grain etc. I can make a dial label with your information at no extra charge for you. Ready to plug in and go.